Come and play! The first and only free movement, uniquely equipped, large area (39m2), wireless, multiplayer virtual reality experience in Eastern-Europe.

  • We have two different VR experiences: one moving platform with roller-coaster fun for example, and a VR game space available for two players simultaneously, with wireless headsets and guns

  • For kids (minimum 8 yrs): PlanktOs, where you protect crystals in a beautiful, undersea world. 

  • For older kids: Barking Irons, where you will be the robo-Sherif, fighting with robbers or Time Zombies for those, who won't be afraid by guaranteed horror
  • You will wear a unique, wireless VR glass for this game, and the most modern, special,  high-resolution and wide-angle infra sensory cameras will follow your movements. 

  • You will sense the 39m2 physical space a lot more, even a couple of hundred m2s with this special trick.

  • Do not forget! In the virtual world nothing is what it seems to be and anything can happen.

  • ALL our games are multiplayer, you can share this experience with anyone!

The experience is provided by Delusion Park!