A game that is not a game

Have a seat choosing from 6 triple-screen simulators, you will feel like you are sitting in a proper race-car - on the circuit you can overtake, bump each other without any penalties.

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Here you can feel yourself as a racing driver: six can play together on the same track in Assetto Corsa. We have 4 GT and 2 Formula racing seats with high-level devices: Fanatec pedal/wheel sets on the cockpit with BMW GT1 and Formula racing wheels and triple-screen setup. The wheels are driven by a 7 Newton-powered engine, you will feel every curb, road surface. 

Flight simulator cabin | Flight Simulator 2020

Fly over Budapest or any other breathtaking point of our Earth using our Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog joystick. The simulator cabin has a 270 degree, 4 square feet, 3 full HD projector screen, you are sitting in the middle.

You can use our machines on a time basis, so it is highly recommended to book by phone: +36 70 339 4444